The Big Picture – Seeing Through Divine Eyes

Have you ever heard someone say, “It is all good”? Did you ever want to argue with them? Me too! But what if they are on to something? What if everything is moving each of us individually and collectively toward healing? In all world traditions, there is something called “theodicy” which is the study of suffering/evil and how to come to terms with suffering in a good world created by a loving Creator. The mystery of suffering is the reason most of us seek out counselors and spiritual advisors. The “why” is what bubbles up when we are in pain or confused. But world scripture, especially the Book of Job in the Hebrew Bible, suggests that the “why” may not ever be answered. The more important awareness might be the way that suffering brings us closer to the Divine, each other, and ourselves, motivating a change or shift – a healing.

We are living in very challenging times! We are polarized, and people are feeling very strong emotions. There is much fear. But look deeper, see, the fear is motivating us all to decide what we really believe. We are being asked to act upon our beliefs and work to make real change in the world. In the Judeo/Christian scriptures, there are many stories about very flawed people being effective change agents in the world. We may not “like” a certain person’s way of being, but that person may be serving as a catalyst for deep individual and collective change.

You matter in the world. Your action in the world contributes to change and growth. Decide what you believe, but remember to speak the truth in Love. Hate and anger, no matter how justified, do not contribute to positive, sustainable change – only more conflict with a different opinion. The beloved character, Yoga, says, “fear and anger lead to the dark side.” We can set firm boundaries and state a definitive “no” with love and respect. We do not need to become like the dark to shift the dark; we need to become like the candle that illuminates. We need to remember that, “it is all good” even when it is painful and confusing. Pain and suffering are the clarifying agents of change and growth in all of nature. Know that and welcome what is, reflecting on past difficulties in both history and your personal life to see how good often comes out of what appears bad.

Entertain the possibility that it is, in fact, All Good by expanding the definition of good to the long term, an intention if you will, of how the world is evolving and how the Divine is unfolding.

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