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iRest/Yoga Nidra Guided Meditation for Relaxation and Integration

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For Clinicians:

Supervision for Mental Health Professionals seeking license and/or integrating Trauma Informed, Spiritual Integrated care – including Herbal Medicine – into practice.

Board Certified Supervisor Maryland Licensed Clinical Professional Counselors (LCPC).  Supervision training @ Washington School of Psychiatry.

Former Faculty & Clinical Supervisor: Loyola University – Pastoral Counseling & Tai Sophia (now MUIH) – Herbal Clinic.

The Art of Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Direction seeks to make the journey of one’s spiritual life – Intentional, Mindful, and Personal.

In our attempt to love Life with all our heart, mind, and soul, loving our neighbor as ourselves, few of us have found the perfect balance.

Few of us have found a comfortable, complete enough way to even language what many call God.

For some, “god” has been so corrupted by pain, fear, dogma, rules, shame, and abuse  – that many simply give up hope of a Higher Power – a God to love – and a God that loves in return. Many are even embarrassed to name the desire for something bigger, something MORE. 

We think with our minds, we yearn with our hearts and we know with our soul!

“For what purpose was I born?”

Spiritual Direction intentionally sits with our ponderings.

In words. In silence. In prayer. In meditation.

We sit and share; wonder and question.

Waiting on the movement of the Spirit.

Spiritual Direction nurtures your relationship with The Divine.

These are turbulent times that call for asking BIG questions…

Throughout the ages the Mystics have told us that it is essential to have assistance in discerning Ultimate Questions and the possibility of  a Divine call on your life.

This is the role of a  Spiritual Director – to help you hear the calling of your Soul louder than all the other voices and to support you to be able to follow That Voice….the voice that cuts across religion and even spirituality to the place of certainty.

Each of us knows Love when we experience it.

Love is the place of connection we all share.

According to W. Paul Jones,

“Spiritual direction is built upon the certainty that the Holy Spirit will not let us rest in our in-authenticity and will always be guiding us towards God and our Highest Self.”

“None of us enters life neutrally, we come with a soul purpose and we grow through many trials and disappointments. The essential task of spiritual direction then, is to bring one’s image of [Love] into awareness, and discern if that image contains the Fullness of God/[Love].”

“Ultimately it is through the integration of wounds and gifts that we realize our Soul’s purpose.’

‘Spiritual direction helps us become more intentional in hearing…” 

Ultimately it is Source/Soul/The Divine who is the Director.

Spiritual Direction Can:

  • Assist in the discernment of how we are being challenged and asked to respond in our daily lives.
  • Identify our vocational callings, our spiritual gifts, and the Shadow that can blind us.
  • Enhance the personal qualities of compassion, sensitivity,  and ability to love and care for all of life, including Nature, Others, and Self. 
  • Illuminate those personal qualities that are blocking Divine Love’s movement and grace in our lives.

Preaching: Recordings of past Sermons

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  • September 18, 2016: Flourishing not Squandering – your gifts and talents how to use them to heal the world.  (Luke 16:13)

Spiritual Direction is an integrated part of the work in

Spiritually Informed Psychotherapy