Policies & Procedures

What happens when you contact Dr. Tina for a consultation:

Once you Call or Email, we will set up an appointment. It is very important that you resonate with the counselor’s style for the work to be effective, so you will be interviewing me as I am determining if I have the skill, education, and experience to be of service to you.

After the initial appointment, if we decide to go forward, then we will set up two more times for the next two weeks.  At the end of our third session, we will have a good idea of how we work together and will then decide how often and what we will be working.

Many people have told me over the years that my office is warm, inviting and safe – which helps you risk starting the journey of healing.

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You may find that talking about your personal life is difficult at first, but over time, you may find that you look forward to your time and having a “listening ear, without an agenda“.  You may notice relief very quickly.  Real change may take time.

Scheduling & Payment

Typically we will meet once a week. This time has been reserved for you and will begin promptly.

If you cannot attend a session, 24 hours notice is required, otherwise you will be charged the full amount for the appointment. 

The credit card on file will be charged between midnight and 2 am the day of your session.

Payment options:

Credit Card on file in your personal portal on Simple Practice.

A credit card will be kept on-file in your personal portal. This card will be charged between midnight and 2 am the day of the missed appointment.

Health Insurance

I do NOT participate with any insurance companies.

You will receive a Superbill on the 1st of the month for the previous month from Simple Practice with all the appropriate codes so that you may submit the claim yourself. Please know that insurance companies all have different rules about out-of-network providers. Make sure you understand how your policy works and that it is your responsibility to obtain any referrals or code numbers that may be needed for your unique insurance plan.

Before your first appointment it is best to ring your insurance company and inquire.  The best language is to ask:

“Do I have out-of-network mental health benefits?”  If so, “Please explain my benefits.”  “Do I need a referral?”

If possible get this in writing.


Dr. Tina Lightner-Morris is bound by the codes of ethical conduct of the American Association of Pastoral Counselors; the National Board of Professional Counselors; the State of Maryland Licensing Board; the American Herbalist Guild; International Association of Yoga Therapists. Assuring your privacy and confidentiality with all privileged communication except as required by law. Please see individual Informed Consent for a full description of confidentiality.

Pastoral Psychotherapy & Trauma Resolution (EMDR)

Individual Therapy: $195

Couples Therapy :  $250

Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Direction is included as part of the ongoing process of psychotherapy if you choose. There are no additional fees.

Health Coaching

The ideal way to work with LightBalance Integrative Health is to combine Psychotherapy with Health Coaching.  However, you may only interested in  a review of your diet, lifestyle, or supplement regimen.

Many people have no idea what all those supplements in the cabinet are for…find out and get your health back on track!

A yearly Supplement Review is a good idea.

Initial Consult: $250

Supplement Review: $195

Continued Assistance: $195

Distance Counseling & Consultations

Dr. Tina is a Distance Certified Counselor.

Psychotherapy and Coaching can be done by Phone or  Virtually through a Tele-Mental health portal.

Distance Trauma Resolution will require the additional purchase of a Tactile Pulser.

The cost is $195 per 50 minutes.

The Tactile Pulser is a one-time purchase, available here.
Prices start @  $149.99.  (“I would suggest the most basic at first”)

We will use a HIPPA compliant Tele-Mental Health portal or Phone for distant sessions.

Use this button to connect to the Tele-Mental Health portal and enter the meeting ID provided by Dr.Tina which will be sent by email or text.

Contact Information

Dr. Tina Lightner-Morris, D.Min, MS, LCPC, BCC

Dr. Tina is currently working virtually until further notice.

Phone: (301) 524 – 0808


You may download and print the required forms to complete and bring the forms to your first appointment.

Prior to your first session with Dr. Tina you are required to complete the Consent Form and Intake Form.

The Consent Form can be completed online or as a downloadable file which you can write your information upon.

There will be an additional form for Distance Counseling that Dr. Tina will send to you if we contract to proceed with this form of counseling.

The Intake Form is available as  as a downloadable file which you can write your information upon.

Paying for Session via Paypal

Choose the agreed upon session below and click the PayPal Buy Now button. In the next step you will be able to choose to pay for more then one session.

A PayPal Payment Details page will open in a new browser window, displaying information about the transaction. You will be prompted to sign in to your existing PayPal account or create a new account.

After you choose your session quantity and you sign in to PayPal you will have the option “Message to Seller” Please enter the session date(s) you are paying for in this box.