Dr. Tina Lightner-Morris, D.Min, MS, LCPC, IAYT-C, BCC

Spiritually Integrated Psychotherapy for Mind Body & Spirit

Dr. Tina Lightner-Morris, D.Min, MS, LCPC, IAYT-C, BCC

Spiritually Integrated Psychotherapy for Mind Body & Spirit

Trauma Informed. Meeting you at the intersection of Spirit and Psyche…

There is Peace on the Other Side of Chaos.

  • Trauma Resolution
  • Chronic PTSD & PTS
  • Chronic Health Issues & Pain
  • Fatigue Syndromes
  • Depression & Anxiety
  • Adult ADD/ADHD
  • Women in All Seasons of Life.
  • Recovery From Abuse
  • To  stay or go…
  • Divorce Recovery
  • Parenting the Challenging Child
  • Grief & Loss
  • Search for Meaning
  • Crisis of Faith
  • Religious/Spiritual Questioning
  • Healing Religious/ Spiritual Wounding

Together, we will design a healing journey that is uniquely yours.

Adults – Young to Elder.

Serving the spiritual but not religious – to the deeply religious –
and EVERYONE in between since 2001.

Virtual or Phone 

Dr. Tina

    • Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC)
    • LCPC Supervisor
    • National Board Certified Counselor (NBCC)
    • Certified Clinical Trauma Professional (CCTP)
    • Certified Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapist
    • Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (SEP) Jan 2023
    • Certified Secure Attachment Repair (DARE)
    • Certified Tele-Mental Health Provider
    • Board Certified Health Coach (BCC)
    • Registered Herbalist (RH-AHG)
    • Amen Clinic Certified Counselor
    • Board Certified Yoga Therapist (IAYT-C)
    • Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT)
    • Mindfulness Meditation Teacher – iRest/Yoga Nidra Level II
    • Mind/Body Skills Advanced
    • Spiritually Integrated Psychotherapy Trainer (SIP)
    • Pastoral Counseling Fellow (AAPC)
    • Board Certified Interfaith Chaplain (BCC) – Association of Professional Chaplains & Formerly -National Association of Catholic Chaplains
    • Board Certified Christian Counselor (AACC)
    • New Life Certified Counselor

The Tools I Work With Include:

  • Trauma Resolution Somatic Experiencing & EMDR
  • Spiritually Integrated Psychotherapy
  • Yoga Therapy
  • Herbal and Nutritional Coaching
  • Mind/Body Medicine
  • Secure Attachment and Repair

Ways We Can Work Together:

Spiritually Integrated Psychotherapy

Integrating mental health and spiritual health is essential for complete healing.  Some of us are religious – certain of our path.  Some of us are seekers – searching for answers and meaning. All of us are Spiritual Beings – involved in an intentional state of awareness or devotion to a Higher Being or Life Philosophy.

  Trauma Resolution:

Somatic Experiencing &

EMDR & Yoga Therapy

Integrating Mind*Body*Spirit into the most cutting edge treatments for Trauma Resolution to heal suffering. The body must be restored to safety.  Talk therapies alone will not repair the perceived threat to your body, but telling your story combined with Somatic (body) interventions will!

Health Coaching for Vibrant Health & Wellness

Integrating food and functional medicine into healing is not only necessary, it is essential. You are what you eat (or don’t eat)! You must understand your options in order to choose with integrity. How we eat, move, sleep, eliminate, assimilate are all crucial questions for your mental health.